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Family Law Attorney in Tulsa, OK

Attorney Alex Price

Alexander G. Price

Attorney at Law

Before becoming an attorney, I worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor for more than a decade. As a mental health counselor, I listened to many clients going through a divorce describe feelings of being “left in the dark” by their attorneys. Some clients would describe severe anxiety and panic as a result of the poor client experience they had. It wasn't that their attorneys were bad people, they just did not understand the psychodynamics of divorce — including feelings of anxiety, anger, resentment, rejection, and grief. Seeing the damage that the court of law could have on a family, especially any children involved, I decided to pursue a career change and provide a unique approach to family legal services to benefit those in need of reliable, affordable family law services.


Guidance for You & Your Family When You Need It Most

Providing effective strategies fueled by transparent communication and knowledge of Oklahoma family law.

Compassionate Counsel

With a background in mental health counseling, my goal is to use my experience to avoid the negative, lasting effects that divorce and court can cause for families and children — and help you reach a peaceful resolution.

Client-Oriented Approach

I strive to provide you with peace of mind that your case is in good hands by offering unparalleled customer service that helps alleviate the stress and anxiety you may be facing with your situation.

Reliable Communication

Regardless of what brings you to my firm, I'm committed to providing honest communication so I can understand your goals and fight for what you want. I'll advocate for your rights and best interests every step of the way.

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Dealing with a family issue is often sensitive and emotional. When your situation can't be resolved without involving the family court, it makes things much more complicated. And, truthfully, Oklahoma’s divorce and custody processes are often confusing and intimidating if you don’t know what is going on. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side can help to alleviate stress and provide you with clarity as you try to navigate the best way forward.

At The Price Law Firm, PLLC, I'm proud to serve the needs of individuals and families in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas, with compassionate and reliable counsel. Whether you're going through a divorce, battling for child custody, or seeking to establish guardianship, you deserve to be expertly represented. Not only can I provide high-quality legal services, but I also have a background as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Because of this, you can expect family law services with a personal touch.

Even when things seem to be progressing amicably, having a family attorney you trust is key to achieving any desired outcome. There may be conflicts that arise later, complicated legal questions to answer, and details that get overlooked if you don't have an advocate in your corner representing your best interests. When you choose to work with me, I'll always work to reach the most peaceful and effective resolution for both you and your family.

Whether you're seeking a new normal for your family through the divorce process or planning for your family's future by seeking assistance with an estate plan, don't take on your legal situation alone. As a dedicated family law and estate planning attorney, I take the time to better understand your situation and educate you on the available options that best fit your needs. Contact my firm today to receive the individualized attention and personalized solutions you deserve. Call today for a consultation.