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Family Law Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Issues of divorce and separation are never easy. You may quickly find yourself searching for a “family lawyer near me” in such cases. However, consider your options before looking up a “child support lawyer near me.” You need an attorney who will understand your situation and help you work through it.

Turn to The Price Law Firm. Alex Price is the top child custody lawyer near me in Tulsa, OK. He has over a decade of experience as a professional counselor, giving him unique insights on negotiation, minor children, trauma, and family issues that are often present in divorce and custody cases. Additionally, it has greatly helped him better serve his clients as a paternity lawyer near me.

Call The Price Law Firm when you need a father’s rights attorney. Attorney Price is an expert at handling parental alienation cases and can help you protect your rights. You can call today for a consultation. This family lawyer near me also serves all 77 local counties, including:

  • Tulsa County, OK

  • Creek County, OK

  • Muskogee County, OK

  • Wagoner County, OK

  • Rogers County, OK

  • Pawnee County, OK

  • Washington County, OK

  • Sapulpa, OK

  • Claremore, OK

  • Bartlesville, OK

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There are many factors at play during family separation, and searching for a “family lawyer near me” may not cut it. You need an attorney who will understand your situation completely. You will also want an attorney who can explain the consequences that certain actions will have on your family.

This is the type of service you can expect from Attorney Alex Price. You can rely on him as the best child custody lawyer near me in Tulsa, OK. This is in part due to his background in mental health and counseling. He’s dealt with family matters in a range of contexts, and he’s ready to help you with your situation. Get in touch today for a consultation.

Child Support Lawyer Near Me

There are many reasons you may need to search for a “child support lawyer near me.” Perhaps you aren’t receiving the amount of money you’re supposed to. Or, maybe you and the other party wish to discuss modifications to the amount being paid. Regardless of the reason, it can be beneficial to have a qualified child support lawyer to help with these concerns.

You can look to paternity lawyer Alex Price for family law services with a personal touch. His background in mental health and counseling has given him a powerful foundation in dealing with all of these issues, both legally and personally. Additionally, you can call the law firm today for a consultation.

The Price Law Firm has one of the best father’s rights lawyers in the Tulsa, OK area. Therefore, don’t just search for some “family lawyer near me,” call attorney Price.